About our Company

Madden Bats is an Oklahoma City based custom wood bat manufacturer. Our family owned business produces a professional quality wood baseball bat that can be used at any level of play from little league to the pros at a price that is affordable to all. A wood bat will serve as a tool in the development of any baseball player and is instrumental in getting to the next level. A Madden Bat is a durable and consistently made wood bat that is handcrafted in our private building. Each Madden Bat is handled over 30 times from start to finish, which assures us that we are only putting great baseball bats into your hands. Our goal at Madden Bats is to give baseball players of all ages access to the same quality wood bat that the professionals use. All Madden Bats are handcrafted in the U.S.A. using only lumber and materials that are made in the U.S.A.


Madden Bats is the OFFICIAL BAT of the Oklahoma City Mens Senior Baseball League, the Moore Youth Baseball Association Wood Bat Tournament and many other wood bat tournaments. If you are a member of a wood bat league or interested in having Madden Bats be the official bat of your league, feel free to contact us here. Group pricing and league discounts are available on bat purchases.

The Wood

The wood we use to make our bats comes from a family owned mill that has specialized in making baseball bat billets for the last 20 years. This allows Madden Bats to be consistent with the wood that we buy, in return providing a consistent bat to our customer. We ONLY buy PRO GRADE Maple and Ash at Madden Bats. This ensures that any time you buy a Madden Bat you are buying a professional quality baseball bat.

Pricing and Quality Assurance

One of the goals of Madden Bats is to make quality baseball bats for baseball players of all ages and experience while keeping our bats affordable, which is apparent in the pricing of our bats. Each Madden Bat is hand inspected several times before it is put into your hands. This allows us to KNOW that we are only placing top quality baseball bats into the game.

How to Determine the Weight of a Bat?

When determining the weight of your bat, start with the length of your bat in inches and then subtract. For example, if you have a 33″ bat and you want the bat to weigh 31 ounces the weight would be -2. If you had a 32″ bat and wanted it to weigh 29 ounces the weight would be -3.